Introduction To Delegating Effectively

Delegating EffectivelyYou can’t do it all alone – you HAVE to learn how to effectively get work done through others.

For any company, delegating effectively is a key skill that you need to acquire to succeed. Even if you don’t supervise others, you still need to get input, information or work from co-workers, suppliers, outsourcers or support people.

But delegating has many pitfalls and questions:

  • How to you make sure the person you delegate to really understands what you want?
  • What do you do when others “drop the ball” on important projects?
  • How do you know the right person to delegate that task to?
  • Which tasks should you do yourself and which should you delegate?
  • How can you see at a glance the status of all the projects and tasks you’ve delegated?

In this training session, “Captain Time” Garland Coulson, will give you great tips and techniques to improve your delegation skills.

We offer “Delegating Effectively” training around the world with online one-one-one coaching sessions. You can learn from the comfort of your home or office computer. You can book a one-on-one session below. We also offer group webinars or live training for groups.

To book this session for your group, either in person or via webinar, contact us using the form below:

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