reduce distraction checklistChecklist For Reducing Distractions

Multitasking doesn’t work – to really get things done, you need focus. I teach a technique called the “Power Hour” where you remove all distractions and work on your most important project for one hour.

Here is a checklist to help you reduce distractions for better focus.

entodo_uncheckedemail program closed and no notifications to run

entodo_unchecked[1]telephone ringer turned off

entodo_unchecked[2]mobile phone/devices turned off

entodo_unchecked[3]Skype or other instant messaging programs closed

entodo_unchecked[4]Facebook, Twitter and any other social media closed

entodo_unchecked[5]all browser tabs and software programs closed except for the ones you need to work on the project

entodo_unchecked[6]remove all other paper and items from your desk except for what is needed to work on the project

entodo_unchecked[7]staff/coworkers told to not interrupt you for the next hour

entodo_unchecked[8]door closed if you have one


Here is an Evernote checklist  version so you can tick off items.