"Captain Time" Garland CoulsonThe Arrival Of “Captain Time”

For years, I have been known as “The EBusiness Tutor,” teaching people how to succeed online.

But I have always had a “secret identity’” known to only some of my clients. To these clients, I have been the person who helped them make sense of the busy chaos of our ever-changing world. To them, I have have been their “time guy” – teaching them time management skills and getting their week on track.

I have long had a passion for time management  so I have decided to put my passion out there for all to see in this blog.

Follow me in my “Captain Time” persona while I share my favourite “super” time techniques, tools and special powers through time management articles, resources, webinars, training and coaching. I look forward to helping you become a fellow “Master of Time” and helping you find “the time of your life.”

-“Captain Time” Garland Coulson