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How Does the Business Brainstorming Group Work?

Our members can participate in the brainstorming community in the following ways:

1. Request a Brainstorming Session – You can request a brainstorming session for us to collaborate and brainstorm with you on an idea you have or a challenge you are facing. This is one of the most powerful parts of our community—the ability to tap into the collective intelligence we’ve gathered, and use it to solve problems together.

2. Participate in Brainstorming Sessions – You can join in on sessions providing your ideas, and feedback. This is a useful way to network, demonstrate your expertise to potential clients, and learn from others. It also means that when someone else asks for help with something similar, we’ll have already solved it together once before!

Tap Into Collective Wisdom & Creativity

Are you tired of being in your own head?

No matter how brilliant we are, we’re limited by our own perspectives and experiences.

Brainstorming with others is a great way to break these limitations and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others. But who do you brainstorm with? What if you are a solopreneur with no team to talk things over with? Or what if the problem you want to brainstorm is caused by your team? Or perhaps your team lacks the experience to solve it?

This is where our Brainstorming community comes in.

Our community is built on the idea that we can all benefit from the wisdom of many minds working together on a single problem. We’ve created an online platform for people like you: business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs—anyone who wants more input on their business ideas or projects.

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Join our brainstorming group

What happens during a session?

The goal of our brainstorming sessions is to provide you with a safe place to explore your ideas and receive feedback from other community members.

During a session, we focus on one problem, challenge, or idea proposed by a member. Depending on the topic, we might brainstorm using a mind map or a focused template such as a Lean Canvas, Flow Charts or other templates.

This service is free, but we may introduce some premium features at a future time once we have our community built.

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