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Brainstorming groups have always been my secret weapon when it comes to learning, idea generation, and problem-solving for myself and my clients. When I had questions or was doing research on any topic, I went looking for a brainstorming group for that area.

How Do Brainstorming Groups Help?

I work with a lot of clients, and I’ve seen firsthand how brainstorming groups can help.

When one of my clients was looking for software to meet her needs, she asked me to find the best solution. I love to Google solutions, but there are so many ads and affiliates out there that it’s hard to find an unbiased opinion.

Instead of trying to do it all on my own, I went to a software brainstorming group and asked the forum members for their thoughts, insights, and experiences. They were super nice about it—within a day or two, I had over 20 replies from kind forum members who were happy to share their thoughts!

Their suggestions led me to several software options I hadn’t heard of and their experiences helped me rule out several options that would have wasted time testing. The result? I found the correct software in just a fraction of the expected time, which allowed me to report back to my client faster than expected! And I was able to save my client money on her bill with me.

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