Greetings fellow productivity seekers. Captain Time here from my Chrono Cavern. As a time management expert, I constantly seek ways to boost my productivity. After rigorous testing and real-life uses, I’ve settled on my personal 10 best productivity tools that I will be using to optimize my processes, automate, and achieve even more amazing levels of productivity in 2024.

Some of the links shown here are affiliate links so I appreciate your supporting my channel and content creation by following the links when you try any of these productivity apps. But I NEVER recommend an app only for affiliate commissions – these are apps I use every day personally to take my productivity to the next level!

These productivity apps aren’t in any particular order – I use all of them every week.

One of the most interesting things about these tools is that at the beginning of 2023, I was using almost no AI, but now 8 out of 10 of these powerful tools incorporate artificial intelligence, greatly enhancing their capabilities. AI has come into its own in 2023 leading into 2024.

1. CopyAI

I use the power of artificial intelligence to help generate content with CopyAI. I use CopyAI to brainstorm content ideas, create headlines, create articles, outline scripts, write sales letters, brainstorm business networking introductions, create marketing plans, and a lot more.

After the AI has given me the ideas, I can move them into CopyAI’s editor to polish them up and add my own ideas.

Most of my work now starts with my brainstorming partner – CopyAI.

Grab CopyAI here.

2. TextBlaze

As the name suggests, Text Blaze lets you blaze through your typing tasks. This tool can be used as a browser extension for Chrome or as a Windows app. Text Blaze helps you create and manage snippets of frequently used text and then insert them anywhere with just a few keystrokes.

You can use Text Blaze’s AI to create your snippets of text for you.

I use TextBlaze for automating my business networking follow-up, sales letters, proposals, support replies, documents, and a LOT of other automation tasks..

TextBlaze probably saves me at least 6 hours of work EVERY week.

Grab TextBlaze here.

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3. Notion

Notion is a powerful, all-in-one workspace concept. I like to think of Notion as the love child of Database and Wiki.

I use Notion for task management, content planning, and for creating online courses and templates for my clients and students. Notion is also now, AI-enabled.

With Notion, you can create your own personal productivity system – or contact me and I can create a productivity system for you.

Grab Notion here.

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4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is my go-to app for anything calendar-related. It shows all my appointments and I have a shared calendar with my wife so we know each other’s schedule.

Google Calendar gives me advance warning when my next coaching appointment, coffee meeting, or Zoom call is due.

I also use Google Calendar to teach my clients and students how to increase their productivity using time blocking. The great thing about Google Calendar is that it integrates with so many other tools, increasing its functionality greatly.

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5. Book Like a Boss

Book Like a Boss makes scheduling meetings effortless. This all-in-one booking platform allows you to schedule appointments, sell your services, manage your portfolio, and much more.

Book Like a Boss integrates with my Zoom and Google Calendar accounts so I can just send my coaching clients or networking contacts a link and they can book a coaching session or discovery call with me directly on my Google Calendar. BLAB also creates the Zoom link for the call as well.

Grab Book Like a Boss here.

6. Canva

I use Canva for creating graphics, marketing materials, YouTube thumbnails, and even basic video editing. Canva’s templates and AI for graphics AND writing have had a major impact on how much time it takes me to get my videos out on my Time Tips YouTube Channel so I am expecting to be able to double or triple my video output this year by using Canva!

The thumbnail for this video was created in a few minutes. using a Canva template.

Grab Canva here.

7. MailerLite

Email marketing in 2024 is STILL one of the most powerful digital marketing methods because people still check their email inbox every day.

My favorite email marketing app is MailerLite. MailerLite can automate email campaigns, helping you extend reach and engagement while saving valuable time.

Grab MailerLite here.

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8. Beautiful AI

Each week, I create presentations for my workshops, speaking engagements, training sessions, and my YouTube channel. I use Beautiful AI to design stunning slides in no time. It uses AI and great presentation slide templates to create visually striking presentations, freeing me to focus on my message.

Grab Beautiful AI here.

9. UpNote

A good note-taking app is an essential part of a productive workflow. UpNote is my favorite note-taking platform. It has a minimal interface, making it easy to use, but with powerful note-taking and sharing features. I use it for all my notes and for my personal knowledge base.

Grab UpNote.

10. Less Annoying CRM

When you run a business, you need a way to keep track of clients, contacts, and prospects.

Business networking has become a pivotal part of my marketing strategy in 2023 and I will be expanding my efforts in this field in 2024. Business networking is a key source of both clients and the services I need to scale my business and make it more successful.

To manage your clients and prospects, you need a customer relationship management system – CRM for short. As the name suggests, Less Annoying CRM offers a straightforward, easy-to-use customer relationship management system for a low monthly fee. It centralizes customer interactions and data, ensuring you never miss a beat in nurturing your customer relationships.

Grab Less Annoying CRM here.

10 Best Productivity Apps 2024 Summary

Behind each of these applications is the promise of saving time, reducing stress, and improving your workflow. They are, in Captain Time’s view, my undisputed personal productivity achievers for the coming year. Embrace these apps in your day-to-day routine and watch as 2024 turns out to be your most productive year yet!

Need productivity app training on these or other apps you use? Reach out and I would be happy to help.