Aboriginal Economic Development Using The Internet

Many aboriginal communities suffer from lack of opportunities for their community members, especially for youth. Aboriginal job training programs don’t work for reserve residents who are not within easy driving distance of a major center. Aboriginal economic development is critical, but how do you create income opportunities on isolated reserves?

In this workshop, entrepreneurship speaker Garland Coulson, shows how to create aboriginal economic development using a combination or entrepreneurship, telecommuting, & the Internet.

Garland will cover:

  • Why entrepreneurship is CRITICAL for aboriginal economic development
  • How to encourage entrepreneurship among your community
  • How to provide training and support
  • How to transition from regular jobs to entrepreneurship using freelance sites
  • Helping local businesses reach larger markets
  • Setting up buying co-operatives to pool buying power and access resources such as technology, computers, training, web access, web hosting, and coaching.
  • Programs to stop losing residents, especially youth who leave for educational and career opportunities
  • Working with and expanding your local artist community
  • Encouraging people to spend locally
  • Increase local tourism

With the Internet, forward-thinking aboriginal communities can create business career and economic opportunities that can be accessed from nearly anywhere.

This workshop is available in the following formats:

  1. Live presentations at your event or office
  2. Webinar to your group
  3. Private, one-on-one training
  4. Included in our monthly coaching programs

To explore the best way to receive this training for yourself or your organization, contact us by filling out the form below:

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